July 30, 2021

>As element of StoryCorps’ National Day of paying attention project, Scott Simon talks along with his mom, Pat, about an event that occurred before he had been created.

>As element of StoryCorps’ National Day of paying attention project, Scott Simon talks along with his mom, Pat, about an event that occurred before he had been created.

The project encourages people to sit back with a family member on Nov. 28, the afternoon after Thanksgiving, and record a conversation that is meaningful.


Today we assist launch a new chapter in the StoryCorps task – a National Day of Listening. StoryCorps, which brings you the personal tales of everyday Us americans, would like to take up a holiday that is new with you and me. David Isay, the founder of StoryCorps, joins us. David, many thanks if you are with us.

Mr. DAVID ISAY (Founder, StoryCorps): Hi, Scott. Great become right here.

SIMON: And what is the theory?

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Mr. ISAY: Well, the National Day of Listening is really a pretty simple idea. We’re asking the whole country in the time after Thanksgiving, November 28th, to just take an hour out and stop, find a family member, and interview them about their life in the slightest necessary. For those who have an old tape recorder or a computer – and while we can’t, at StoryCorps, take these interviews into the collection that goes to the Library of Congress, we have all kinds of suggestions for people on our Web site, on, about how to preserve these stories and how to share these stories with your families if you have a video cam around the house or.

SIMON: You understand, I attempted this recently.

Mr. ISAY: So I heard.

SIMON: Let’s pay attention.

Ms. PATRICIA LYONS SIMON NEWMAN GILBAND(ph): I’m Pat Simon Newman Gilband.

(Soundbite of laughter)

SIMON: But you forgot Lyons(ph), the true title you had been born with, though.

Ms. GILBAND: Begin once again.

SIMON: That Is OK. You can.

Ms. GILBAND: My name is Pat Lyons Simon Newman Gelband.

SIMON: Way to go. Precisely.

Ms. GILBAND: Oh, boy. Just what a monogram that is!

(Soundbite of laughter)

SIMON: Well, I Am just Scott Simon.

Ms. GILBAND: OK. You’re Scott Simon. You are my son.

SIMON: And we’re in Chicago, Illinois, in your apartment, sitting on your family area sofa.

Ms. GILBAND: Real.

SIMON: Now most of my life, i have grown up having a whole story that occurred before I was born, right?

Ms. GILBAND: Yes, yes, yes.

SIMON: therefore let us set the scene, if we could.

(Soundbite of track “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer”)

Unidentified Mobile chicas escort Singer: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, had a tremendously shiny nose.

SIMON: It had been relating to this time of year, the 1950s that are early. My mom ended up being anticipating me and had a Santa Claus belly. My parents possessed a new German shepherd dog, known as Taffy, which they had simply brought house with their apartment.

Ms. GILBAND: And she had been having trouble adjusting, and now we had been scheduled to venture out for dinner this particular night. It was away into the South Side. We were going to leave, and now we had been fulfilling two other partners here. And it had been one of these simple things where they might wheel carts up to the dining table, you know, lots of meals, exquisitely done. Oh, really – it in fact was a place that is fancy.

And now we were planning to leave, and now we had been at the elevator once we unexpectedly hear the German shepherd yapping, yapping, yapping and clawing, clawing, clawing. And we knew we wouldn’t keep neighbors very very long that way.

Along with your dad stated, let’s simply take her with us. We can keep her within the vehicle. We said, it is zero weather available to you. He stated, I know, but there’ll be described as a garage that is heated and I’ll supply the guys some funds and they’re going to manage canine. Do not be worried. It must be okay. And we reach the restaurant, and your daddy went as much as the valet park, in addition they said they do not allow dogs in there. It is contrary to the Board of Health ruling. So that your father looked at me in which he stated, here, put these on.

SIMON: My father handed my mother a pair of dark glasses.

Ms. GILBAND: And I keep in mind there was clearly a bar that is long before you got back to the dining area. The dark cups, your dog leading me personally, it instantly happened to everybody that your dog appeared to be a dog that is seeing-eye.

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